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Starting a business and just hoping customers will eventually tag along doesn’t really hold up on its own. The stories of overnight success you read about are the result of many years of ‘behind the scenes’ hard work.

Two fundamental truths need to be acknowledged when it comes to a startup marketing strategy. The first one is that a great product on its own is not enough for a startup to succeed. And the second one is that no level of email marketing, digital marketing or otherwise ‘smart’ marketing strategies can make an unimpressive product enjoy a mass following.

Lead generation

Landing page optimisation

Social media marketing

Writing great content for your website

Blog posts

Building relationships with the media, social media networks and influencers

Building established sales and marketing strategies

How does it work?

While each marketing job is unique, there are certain responsibilities which are the same across startup marketers:

Managing paid, social and digital marketing campaigns – Marketers much manage, track and optimise social medial marketing, content marketing and digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, etc. 

Content optimised for search engines – Marketers work out the keywords which are the most relevant to target audience and then develop content around those keywords to boost SEO rankings. 

Plan and execute email marketing campaigns – Through this strategy, startup marketing strategists establish certain touch points with customers through email with the goal of leading them to the desired calls to action. 

And much more!

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Proven results that lead to higher potential customers and conversion rates

Value-added services at reasonable prices with the flexibility to choose which ones you need

Proven marketing strategies and call to actions that work every time

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ROI-focused approach to help you maximise returns from day one

Flexible ways of working regardless of budget

I was referred to Electric Alley by a colleague as we were launching a new business and had no idea where to start. So pleased we were as we received phenomenal service from the very beginning. Alison took charge, gave us a clear plan of action and executed it professionally. We saw results from the very beginning and have continued to grow as we continued to work together.

Robert Ellwood – Managing Director, Credscore


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Data-driven, Profitable Strategies Which Delivers Results

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All the Benefits of a Marketing Team Without the Overheads

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