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You’ve developed your product but now you need to market it. But managing marketing in the fast-paced world of SaaS Marketing can feel like a daunting task. Growing your user base, keeping on top of key metrics while taking care of the rest of the business can lead to unstructured strategies and campaigns, and feeling like you’re treading water. 

With success comes growth and with that the targets and challenges get bigger. That’s where we come in, we can give you specialist support and the resources of a full marketing team without the overheads.

Compared to traditional forms of marketing, the sales cycles in SaaS (software as a service) marketing are relatively short which means it needs a unique approach compared to traditional technology marketing. With SaaS marketing, the sales process typically involves these three distinct steps:

  • Acquisition – Gaining new users
  • Conversion – Converting those users into paying users, and;
  • Retention – Ensuring that those users remain as paying users


Lead generation

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How does it work?

When running a SaaS business, then you’re going to need customers who would want to pay a monthly fee in order to continue using your software as a service. To accomplish this, people need to be made aware of your unique solution and this is where SaaS marketing comes in. There are many ways to approach SaaS marketing and with consistent optimisation, we can improve MRR and achieve and effective LTV:CAC ratio. 

Your SaaS marketing campaign will have, at the very least, the following key aspects:

Underlying goals – Define your financial target and desired conversion rates as your entire sales cycle will be based on it. 

Buyer persona – A rough representation of what your potential customer will be like, i.e. the ideal person who’d be attracted to your SaaS product. 

Buyer journey – The thought process that your prospect must go through when they make the decision to buy from you.

Content plan – Your entire SaaS marketing campaign will revolve around the ability to create content with all the right calls to action.

Reasons to Use Us

Attract more potential customers to your website through multiple channels

Encourage people to take action through compelling calls to action

Improve the chances of visitors converting after they see your landing page

Create a strong lead magnet to significantly boost lead generation

Optimised landing page which clearly explains the value proposition

Social media content to promote the lead magnet for your target audience

Professional, friendly, communicative service from Electric Alley. We've worked together for a couple of years and have always been very happy with the results. We've managed to grow our leads and revenue through several different channels, and feel like we've finally managed to get our marketing plans under control. Thank you!

Rachael Hunt, Opolexy


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