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Hello, we are Electric Alley


Marketing is changing and its good news for everyone. The playing field has been levelled, customers are no longer satisfied with being talked to and instead want to be part of the conversation. This means with the right content you can quickly and easily put your stamp on the marketplace.


This is where we come in; we develop compelling business content to start the right conversation with the right audience at the right time.

At Electric Alley, we create marketing strategies that attract the right audience for your business by combining content creation, social media management and email campaigns. Using these techniques together will ensure that you attract and retain the ideal audience

Our Services:

Content Marketing

We develop meaningful business content, designed to drive targeted traffic to your business.

Social Media

Whether you’re new to social or your channels need a boost, we’ve got the strategies to get you flying


Market Research

Competitor insights give you the advantage; use one of our reports to get a step ahead.

About us:

We are social and content marketing specialists, experienced in creating and executing traffic winning campaigns.

We build campaigns built on solid foundations; by combining creativity with insight we create engaging, creative content which delivers results.

Shoot For The Stars

Give your campaigns a boost with one of our rocket fuel content driven social strategies

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