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We are Electric Alley, digital, social and content consultancy helping businesses develop and implement effective marketing strategies that get results,

Offering a straightforward and fresh approach, we get to the heart of your business. While combining experience, creativity and data to identify a clear path to achieving your marketing goals.

Founded by Alison Johnston, Electric Alley is based in South London, we are on hand to help businesses of all sizes.


Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re just starting out or need extra support, I have the market knowledge and strategic experience to help put together a creative marketing strategy that is unique to your business

Inbound Marketing

By combining your business goals with proven digital marketing techniques I can help you attract rather than chase customers using skilful inbound marketing to deliver targeted leads.

Conversion Optimisation

Work with me to boost your conversions using the latest insight, technology and techniques, producing a defined plan to reach your business goals

Social Media

With an intuitive understanding of how social applies to business, from start-ups to established SMEs and larger companies. I can show you how to make the most of your social media presence.

People come to me when they want to

  • Create a marketing strategy
  • Build their social media following
  • Increase website conversions
  • Generate more sales and leads
  • Produce better content
  • Create an on-boarding process
  • Take a new product to market
  • Start a marketing campaign
  • Identify their target customer

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Six things you should think about before starting social media marketing

With the enormous Facebook IPO and the murmurings of Twitter to follow social media is here to stay, which is probably why I see a lot of chatter across forums and from clients about setting up Facebook pages, starting to tweet and getting involved in social media marketing. Speaking to them I realise that without fail, every single one is wading in without actually thinking about why or what they were going to use them for. So I’ve put together 6 key questions business owners and marketers should answer before they should start opening accounts and posting, I am not going to give you the answers but by answering them you should be able to quickly formulate plan which will get you through your first few months of your campaign. 1. Where are your customers? Instead of thinking you should have a Facebook page, think about whether that is right for your business. I worked with a technology company who opened a Facebook page early on in their development – who looks for business software on Facebook? No one. After two years of business they never had more than 30 fans on their Facebook page mostly friends and family whereas they had over 2000 twitter followers and over 700 Linkedin followers. This is because we sat down and thought about our customers and their behaviour – where do they get their information? What influences them to make a decision?  Where are they most likely going to be receptive to your brand? Take for example a business leader who is also highly into fashion – she’s unlikely to be looking... read more

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